Boulevard De Gruyter Fabriek
Boulevard De Gruyter Fabriek
on own initiative
Year design

Blom&Moors has taken initiative to examine the potential for an attractive slow traffic connection to the Gruyter Fabriek in 's-Hertogenbosch. To get to this business center for the creative industries is a 15-minute walk from the central station. At present, the cyclist and pedestrians can only get there by taking a long detour around the site of the expo centre called ‘Brabanthallen’, or an unattractive and sometimes dangerous shortcut, across the crowded parking lot.

Five routes have been examined between central station and the Gruyter Fabriek. The investigation has led to think three options for an attractive pedestrian and connection for pedestrians and cyclists. The three options are: using the existing embankment, over a wooden quay or via the headland in conjunction with a bridge over the water.

Over the dike
Between the site of the Brabanthallen expo center and the water an embankment accompanied by a row of trees is situated. By laying a path across this dike, one can reach the factory in the shortest possible way. Flowering river banks and furniture will add more color and comfort to this connection. This option could be realized as a cheap and temporary option.

Over a quai
To provide more quality of experience, the second proposal is to create a ‘floating’ footpath just above the water, in combination with a foot bike path on the dike. This option gives users a choice: to walk on a higher level with view at the area, or on a lower level in the immediate vicinity of the water and its thriving bank. Some in-between pathways will connect the higher with the lower route. Both trails offer pleasant places to stay that can also be used by local residents. The floating path ends at the quay of the Gruyter Fabriek.

By bridge
The third option offers a comfortable hiking and cycling route through the headland, and ends up in a bridge over the water of the former industrial harbor. From there through a slow traffic bridge connects the headland with the quay of the Gruyter Fabriek. The bridge can be designed as an inviting place, dimensioned for large numbers of people who want to visit the Gruyter Fabriek or the Brabanthallen, for example, during events. The iconic bridge can be a great lookout and offer recreational places for residents of the neighborhood and tenants of the factory.

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