sidewalk around the building
Transformation of the outdoor space De Gruyter Fabriek
Transformation of the outdoor space De Gruyter Fabriek
's Hertogenbosch
Year design
In cooperation with
Bureau OSLO, Martien van Osch
Year realisation

In De Gruyter Fabriek in 's-Hertogenbosch, 120 creative businesses are gathered in a former food factory. The outdoor area covers 28.000 square meters, including parking places, a quay and five courtyards. In collaboration with OSLO, Blom&Moors made the design for the outdoor space. The design is based on the concept for the outdoor space, also a product of Blom&Moors. Meanwhile, two-thirds of the plans have been completed or are still under construction. Main principles of this vision: tough and sturdy, generous and hospitable, a greener space and room for more unexpected use. The history of the factory remains liveable, for example by reusing existing materials such as concrete slabs. Also the history of former industrial port will be visible by adding green and recreational places.

The parking place has got a new rhythmic layout, trees and plants add a playful irregularity. A wide walking and cycling path connects several entrances. For the pavement special concrete stones are used that contain particles of iron in the surface, allowing the pavement gradually turning into a brown rusty colour. Small light poles accompany the route in the evening. Hedges (Elaeagnus ebbingei) surround the borders of the site ans will stay green in the winter.

At various places, whit floor texts will be implemented on the pavement and indicate specific zones for loading trucks or crossings. Two of the five courtyards will get a more garden like interior. Birch trees reaching to the edges of the facades will transport the daylight inwards these pleasant outdoor rooms.

The route along the quay will be free of parked cars and accompanied by flowering plants. Sitting and walking along the quay will turn into a pleasant moment each day. It is also the best place for events and outdoor meetings. At several places long benches and picnic tables will be placed where Gruyters can meet, have lunch together or work outside.

The whole area will be provided with a new signage system, designed by Blom&Moors. After completion of the first phase, also the space around the former offices and distribution halls where PlantLab is located will be transformed and get the same sturdy look.


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