route marking depicts the landscape identitty

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Branding the Souther Waterdefense
Branding the Souther Waterdefense
Brabant Zeeland
Year design

In 2007, the traveling exhibition took place in the context of large scale art project ‘Branding de Zuiderwaterlinie’. The project shows the importance of the 200 km long defense line that runs from west to east in the province of Noord-Brabant. A line which links loose objects such as forts, fortifications, inundation areas and other landscape features. Nine artists were invited to depict the rich diversity of culture of the Zuiderwaterlinie and thus strengthen the consistency and significance of this heritage.

In order to brand the Zuiderwaterlinie six products are developed that represent every possible aspect of the identity of the Zuiderwaterlinie. A logo for brand identity, ‘southern water’ for the commercial identity, route marking for the landscape identity, a Zuiderwaterlinie festival for cultural identity and gadgets for residents in the flood area. Critical or light footed, art, design or merchandising: the products make a possible future identity of the line visible because they already seem to exist and function.

Other artists: Marijke Maas, Anne-Marie van den Thillart, Frank Havermans, Anna Lange, January Wessendorp / Auke van der Heide, Wiesje Peels, Yvonne Né.
Design exhibition and catalogue: Rob van Hoesel.

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