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Struyk Verwo Infra
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Solids&Seats is a sophisticated range of concrete seating elements with which the quality of public space can be enhanced. Blom & Moors developed this series commissioned by Struyk Verwo Infra and extended the already existing range of basic concrete elements significantly.

Solids&Seats is solid and comfortable. The use of modern, modest concrete shapes  form a rich and pleasant seating profile. Characteristic in the design are the distinctive low seat backs and the ability to apply armrests.

While searching for appropriate and high-quality design for implementation in public space Solids&Seats offers a versatile range of standard products that are affordable and easy to install without using an underground foundation.  Because of the no-nonsense look and many shape variants Solids&Seats can be widely applicable.

Solids&Seats is a modular system with which seating edges around green islands and play areas can be made. They offer numerous seating options for the realisation of quays, schoolyards and city parks. All elements are designed with great care so that all dimensions and details correspond with each other. With plenty of choices in materials and colors, so that each place can get a unique look.

Solids are elements that are completely made of concrete. Particularly noteworthy are the elements with seat back and (if desired) a concrete armrest. Also available in this series are corner and arc elements, recess elements, stair elements and flat plates.

Seats are made with a wooden seat and optionally a seat back which is recessed into the concrete. They offer significantly more comfort and give more style and warmth to the space in which they are used. On the Seats a wooden armrest can be added. Just ike the concrete variant the armrest has a signature extra wide design, so that the armrest can also serve as a small table.

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