Markings along the Rotte unveiled!

Representatives of Recreatieschap Rottemeren, the municipality of Rotterdam and the province of Zuid-Holland had the honour. Blom&Moors - design public space and Raakvlak design & communication made the 3D and 2D design into a slender, narrative and beautifully illustrated whole. Sign-Partners took care of the execution of the steel columns with sublimated panels. A total of 15 information columns will be placed from the origin in Moerkapelle to the dam on the Hoogstraat.

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Redesign Bahnhof Offenbach Martkplatz

The refurbishment of the Offenbach Marktplatz station in Germany has been completed. Blom&Moors was commissioned to enhance the residential quality through renovation of the platforms and the development of new furniture. In addition to the previously developed seating elements (type Calidum), two more "members" have been added to the modular and sustainable family: a minimalist designed leaning stand and a multifunctional desk with USB connections as a place to work, read or eat some. The 37,000 thousand daily travelers are now the test panel

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Smart Cities, Green Stations

One of the Smart City projects in progress of Deutsche Bahn is the refurbishment of Hamburg Harburg train station. What were only remnants of the vegetation of a monumental garden of yesteryear has had a major makeover. The rich variety of trees, perennials and ornamental grasses tolerate extensive maintenance. Travelers can enjoy the waving and subtle coloring composition on foot or from a concrete bench. The integral design was created by Blom&Moors, Trafique and Liesbeth Rijnja.

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750 years of Rotte | Dam

The 750th anniversary of Rotterdam is celebrated, among other things, with an ode to the often unknown peat river Rotte, the name giver of the city of Rotterdam. Commissioned by the municipality of Rotterdam and Staatsbosbeheer, Blom&Moors and Raakvlak have designed slender information columns that mark valuable cultural-historical places along the Rotte. From river origin to dam, you can read and watch the most interesting stories that take place around the Rotte.

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What If Lab

The assignment is: a fully circular track in 2050. In February the Dutch Design Foundation started the What If Lab circular railway station on behalf of ProRail, NS and Bureau Spoorbouwmeester. During the Masterclass Blom&Moors informed the participating designers and architects about the concept and design of station furnishings. Meanwhile, the first results have been announced.

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Spoorpark in Yearbook

The selection committee praised the Spoorpark as a fine park and a successful example of real citizen participation in the Yearbook for Landscape Architecture and Urban Design in the Netherlands 2019. The selection committee feels that the minimalistic design is reminiscent of Berlin. 'It has an purposefully unfinished look: anything that grows there is just fine'. 

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Common Ground

During the IFLA World Congress 2019 in Oslo we contributed with a lecture about making railway stations greener. On the agenda are urban transformation, green mobility, healthy and beautiful landscapes and social participation. Very inspiring!


Opening party for 24,000 people in Tilburg

The gates of the Spoorpark are open! Tilburg has embraced the new park. Walking, picnicking, socializing, dancing, playing in the water, swimming, skating, stepping, playing volley. And all that with music, good food, good drinks. What a party! How wonderful to contribute to this!

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First price for Bovenlandse Sluis

On October 1, 2018, the Foundation Historische Sluizen en Stuwen Nederland (HSSN) awarded Waterschap Aa en Maas with the first prize for the restoration of the Bovenlandse Sluis. The jury praised the high quality design of the balconies, so that passers-by can experience this nicely restored unique lock even more.

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A first for the poolposts

The first furnishings in the visual language of Stadsbos013 are placed in the Drijflanen. Amid great interest of the children, who gave the names, the poolposts were revealed by deputy mayor Mario Jacobs. See also

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Harburger Bahnhof

Kulturbahnhof Hamburg Harburg is a major hub south of the Elbe. Deutsche Bahn has focussed its attention to the 19th century station with its wide green platforms. In cooperation with Trafique landscape designers and Liesbeth RijnjaBlom&Moors is developing the plans for the redesign.

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Time travellers

In the passage of station Eindhoven Central travellers are landing in all rest on our poofs to enjoy Space, the 90 meter long light art work by Daan Roosegaarde. A magical moment, again and again.

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Getting started at Stadsbos013

Anyone who is eager to get started at Stadsbos013 can recently check 'the spatial framework and visual language'. Commissioned by the municipality of Tilburg, we have developed this vision document together with landscape architects KruitKok to provide a framework for future initiatives in Stadsbos013. See also

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Greenline series introduced

At the Dag van de Openbare ruimte 2017 Struyk Verwo Infra introduces its latest products. The Greenline series is designed in cooperation with Blom&Moors and offers a multifunctional series of concrete elements. The slender elements with a slanted profile are available in 2 heights: 30 and 45 cm. In addition there are elements with seats in bamboo or wood. Visit the stand and see them "for real"!

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Pilot station furnishings DB at Wolfsburg Hbf

Commissioned by Deutsche Bahn Blom&Moors has designed a new seating system and pavilion that are currently being tested in a pilot at Wolfsburg Hbf. Gute Reise!
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Restauration offers nice opportunity

The restoration plans for the Bovenlandse Sluis have been developed: commissioned by Waterschap Aa en Maas Heijmans fully modernised and restored the complex.
This offered an excellent opportunity to realise the second part of our plans for the project Balkon aan de Maas: at the location of the former steam pumping station a nice place to stay is developed.

Refurbishment shopping centre Arena Den Bosch is finished

Shopping centre ‘Arena Den Bosch’, which is located in the city ‘s-Hertogenbosch, is attractive and inviting for shoppers again. Blom&Moors and architect Bob Custers of VOCUS architecten BNA worked together on a new impulse for new facades and public spaces. Meanwhile the Arena is in full use. The public enjoys the new meeting places. In the glass display cases at large table a series of archaeological finds is shown, coming from the pottery that was located here in the middle ages.

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