municipality of Tilburg
Year design
In cooperation with
KruitKok landschapsarchitecten

Stadsbos013 is located in the southwest of Tilburg. It is a vast parklandscape of more than 125,000 ha. The area is diverse and consists of forests and heaths, meadows and croplands, which are dissected by stream valleys and connected by pools. Also special is the great wealth of cultural heritage, such as the Oude Warande and the zone with estates as well as the rich collection of sports facilities, leisure businesses and local farmers.

The municipality wants to make Stadsbos013 attractive, recognizable and sensible, and enlarge the possibilities for the development of private initiatives. Improvement of the recreational value and nature value go hand in hand.

Commissioned by the municipality KruitKok landscape architects and Blom&Moors have developed a concept. This concept is an invitation to the citizens and the 'stadsbosmakers' to work together on the development of Stadsbos013. Together we have set up a spatial framework and visual language. After thorough analysis of the area and interviews with many of those involved a development strategy is developed which is discussed in workshops with residents and business owners of the stadsbos. Framework and visual language will soon be to submitted to the Council. 

The framework offers a perspective on the basis of six strategic lines for the future stadsbos. The scenic diversity of the areas is provided, biodiversity is increased and there is a nature network created. Also the water system of streams and pools is preserved through connection zones and water storages. There is a dense network several routes of to be developed that are connected with the stadsboscentra, recreational and thematic centres.

Visual language
Develop a stadsbosbeeldtaal for the spots and furnishing elements: this sixth strategy follows the other strategies and makes them visible and a sensible. 
The visual language is applied to the stadsbosbakens (at the stadsboscenters), the seating elements, information facilities and signage, bridges and ramps and gates and fences. 
In the long term, existing furnishings will be replaced by elements in stadsbosbeeldtaal.
For each sub-area recognizable combinations of shapes, materials and colors are defined.

The visual language is direct, tough, offers space for a touch of humor and at the same time for natural processes. The shapes are iconic and geometric. Basic materials such as concrete, wood and steel are honest and vandal-proof. Preferably the wood comes from the city forest. Particular in the series of materials is the stadsbosmos (moss) for a colourful accent with natural look. The colour range consists of black and white for contrast with the environment, but also material colours for more restraint are possible. We advice to develop a graphics house style with logo for information services, naming and poetry.