Calidum product family station furniture

Calidum product family station furniture
German Railwaystations
Deutsche Bahn
Year design
In cooperation with
Raakvlak ontwerp en communicatie - pattern perforated steel
Armada Mobility
Year realisation

The Calidum product family is a wide range of station furniture, the new generation of standard station furniture for all 5,000 German railway stations. The Calidum product family recently received the Goed Industrieel ontwerp 2023 (GIO 2023) recognition.

The product family consists of benches, lean bars, poufs, tables and ‘work&wait’ furniture that can be used to provide the platforms and station hall with seating areas. Two series have been developed within this range: the Calidum Redesign (with a slightly more luxurious look for the larger and more internationally-oriented stations) and the Calidum Light (for medium-sized and smaller stations).

The Calidum Redesign series consists of an improved version of the Calidum bench, the lean bar and the ‘work&wait’ furniture. With a different type of bamboo and slats instead of larger sections - less use of materials, more environmentally friendly and easier assembly - the furniture is now easier to produce and maintain.

The Calidum Light series consists of a seating system and lean bars that come in three materials and several colours. The underlying idea is a friendly and light-looking modular design that is easy to produce and assemble. The range has been extended with a steel table and poufs in various sizes plus a series of concrete poufs.

In the design much attention has been paid to the most durable choice of materials with a pleasant touch and feel. Thus, for the benches and lean bars, there is a version in natural bamboo slats, in perforated steel plate and a variant with steel tubes, for places where more vandalism is expected.

With the Calidum product family, a suitable choice can be made for every station to match the expected use, the desired atmosphere, the surroundings and the existing architecture. The modular series offer end, corner and intermediate modules that allow all kinds of lengths and arrangements. A colour palette has been composed for even more variation possibilities and to reinforce the individual look of the stations. Sample configurations allow station managers or architects to be inspired how to apply the furniture.

All products will soon be applied on demand at German stations, gradually replacing the current steel station furniture. The tender for production has recently started.

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