Renewed Lijnbaan revealed

On Saturday, November 24th, the opening of the refurbished Lijnbaan in Rotterdam took place. Alderman Alexandra van Huffelen (sustainability, town centre and public space) used the same scissors that were used during the 1953 opening to cut the ceremonial ribbon. By doing this the newly inserted ‘Lijnbaan’ sign was revealed.

The design for the refurbishment is made by atelier Quadrat. The redesign is intended to give the Lijnbaan, now labeled as a national monument, a more elegant and recognizable look. The redesign includes stone pavement of basalt dark granite with light gray stripes, a redesigned seat element around a monumental tree, new tree grills, a green décor of terraces north of the Kruiskade with hedges and five granite benches specially designed by Blom&Moors.